Bandit 12 chain & sprockets

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24/10/2007 at 21:29
Ok Wizards.

I need a new chain and sprockets for my Bandit 12.

What should I get? (I don't want a gold one!)

I'd like to do the work myself, so need a cain breaker riveting tool.
Again, what do I need?

Or would it make more sense just to chuck it into the shop and get them to do it?

I was going for a ride with a mate today and thought I'd give the Bandit's chain a squirt of lube before I left home. As I was turning the wheel I could hear a metallic tinkleing sound from around the front sprocket. I whipped the cover off and found a large piece of metal (the clutch piston cover) floating around in there. And....the sprocket teeth are all sort of hooked and the nut which holds it on is loose but held by the bent up washer thing.

Thank fuck I checked eh?

Always assume, never check.
25/10/2007 at 14:55
530 pitch, 'o' ring chain, 110 links and either endless or soft rivet
'Heavy-duty' might be a better option considering the torque 1200s put out.
Doesnt have to have a brand name, and 'x' ring chains are way overpriced

Unless you want to alter the gearing for more acceleration, in which case 112 links might be a better option

Fleabay traders sell chain breakers / riveters for £25-£30; well worth it as a long-term purchase.
The bay of Fleas also usually advertises loads of cheap chains. Last month I picked up a 112 link chain for £23.85 plus post.

B&C express probably best for sprockets, especially if you feel like altering the gearing.
25/10/2007 at 15:15
Get a decent chain tool (whale or somethign similar) they are worth spending money on (60 quid plus)


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