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125 varadero

Hi All,

 Been a lurker for a while, now I need some advice, so i've finally signed up.

I've got a varadero 125v6. I recently took the bike in for an mot, which it failed due to excessive run out on th efront disc. I've replaced the disc and pads myself and all was looking good until I tried to start the bike.

 Before the mot, the workshop replaced bulbs and fuses, they said had blown. Now the bike can only be bump started as the battery is completely flat. When she does get started, the lights and clocks pulse with the engine and the rev counter is'nt working properly,the needle kind of dances about..

 My fear is that the blown fuses and bulbs were a symptom of a knackered alternator. the bikes only done 16400 miles, 2000 since I got in dec 

Did the shop remember to tighten the battery terminals?

Yeah - most of those symptoms sound like a knackered battery so I'd agree with FF.How long was it off the road between failing MOT and the re-test?

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