Testin' piccie.

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08/05/2001 at 09:43
Here is a test of piccies in posts:

Computer says no

08/05/2001 at 09:44
Easy as Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:

Computer says no

10/05/2001 at 01:29
Hey, nice teddy!

Now, is it:

a. climbing wall?

b. is cameraman on wall and teddy on desk?

c. is it SUUPPERRRTEEEDDD? (note the right paw in flying pose!)

d. The more you look at it the more the possibilities there are?

13/05/2001 at 13:15
so how do you do that?

Only cause u got a deathwish
13/05/2001 at 19:06
Post a piccie, or stick the teddy to the wall?

Computer says no

Your say
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