Wheel questions?

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Wheel questions?

Right as some of you might know, my bike has a 17" by 3.5" morad rim on the back and a 21 " front hoop (the previous owner set it up to use Honda Dominator tires).

Now what I want to do is remove the 17" rim from the rear wheel and (hopefully without removing the spokes from the rear) bung the rim on the front.
I know I will need another rear rim in 4.25" for the rear but the spokes that are on there should be ok, does that sound right to you? They are stainless and in good nick.

Still with me?

Still awake

Then with the 17" morad rim that is coming off the back and a new set of spokes I want to bung that all together on the front.

I already have a big disc and fat 17" tires ready and a mate will be doing the rim swap and wheelbuilding as he has built pro mountain bike setups and so on.

I have recently got a spare set of wheels in the original sizes so I have proper MX wheels to play in the mud.

My main question is does anyone know if the spoke sizes are different for Morad rims (the one coming off the back) to Exell (the one going on the back?

Cheers, Scott

i have a 1999 honda domintor nx650 where would i get 17" mag wheels dont want the spoke ones on or any alloy wheel that would fit this bike  Thanks paul 

Sounds reasonable

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