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26/09/2004 at 10:43
My LC4 does 85 miles to reserve in normal lunacy.

A bit less if ridden even more idiotically.
26/09/2004 at 12:11
Taipan wrote

What does the standard tank hold then?
Oh and IYSWIM = "If you see what I mean".

The standard tank on my bike is 9 or 9 1/2 ltrs
26/09/2004 at 12:14
Dutch wrote
Why not try fitting the standard LC4 tank which takes 12L I think, and gets me about 70km before reserve and another safe 10-15 miles after that.

That tank range seems to match my arse-range perfectly.

Seen plenty on ebay - and I think NCMReynolds might have one or two knocking about.

Yeah i think i will fit the 12L tank if it fits my bike, 18L is too much.
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