Husaberg starting problems

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Husaberg starting problems

Ive had my 650c for about 6 months now and since i put a new cam in and set valve clearances it has always started very well, a few kicks, when hot or cold (kicksart only). At last visit to Wildtracks it wouldnt start well when hot. I then had bike home and stripped and cleaned the carb and set the valve clearances. I then started it and its still not great. I went to WTracks yesterday and when hot it was terrible. I was swearing like Bernard Manning. After millions of kicks i started trying different things and eventually worked out that it would start hot if i gave it one kick with the throttle half open and then a kick with no throttle. It would start on the second kick. Does this mean the carb is not setup correctly and do i need it setting up on a dyno?

Help would be appreciated.

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