Honda CRF 150 Supermoto spares

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14/12/2008 at 09:31

here I have for sale supermoto spares for Honda CRF 150

Spares Include
2x Pairs Talon Excel Supermoto Wheels
Tyre Warmers As New
5 Oil Filters
4 Air Filters
Assorted Sprockets Front And Rear
10-12 Supermoto Wets And Slicks Front And Rear
4 R1 Renthal Chains
Suter Slipper Clutch
Gmx Catch Tanks
Suspension springs frone and rear By Pro-action
1XFull Stainless Race Exhaust By Scorion

1 brand new titanium / stainless scorpion system by scorpion with decibel killer
Gold Filler Cap
Users Manual 909 fat bar clamps Clamps And Pad
Axle Sliders And Peg Sliders

call 01524 855620 / 07751 864339<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->__________________

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24/01/2012 at 11:40

Please send me prices for these spares if you still have any of them 

03/02/2012 at 15:41

Do you still have some of them?

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