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07/11/2002 at 13:21
Sunny, you may remember me from Alvins car park.

Just to let you know, I am holding your old DRZ hostage and have converted it to a Supermoto (thanks for the bits Neil) in an attempt to disguise it's true identity.

If you want it back, please leave £5,000 in used notes in Moto-Cal's bin.
I'm keeping the 17" wheels, brakes and carbon bits though.

What was wrong with the MZ then?
Have you got a new bike?


P.S. I may not have posted here before, so the drinks are on me for the rest of the day.
07/11/2002 at 13:48
Yes I remeber, Yup I got rid of the MZ, to be honest I wish I never traded in the DRZ for it, Nothing really wrong with the MZ's just prefered the revvy wheelie nature of the DRZ, plus the DRZ was decent off-road(did you ever take it off road),

I've not got a roadbike at the moment, but have a Honda CR250 motocross bike to keep me sane, might get another roadbike next summer,

Probarly be another trailbike though, XR650/WR426 maybe even another DRZ!!!!,

If you get fed up with the DRZ let me know!!!, I trust you have been keeping it in the manner it was accustomed too, fresh oil and filter every 1000mile's? I know the manual say's every 3500 miles but after the abuse I used to give it off-road that was as long as I left it!!!, and is he bike still running fine(any problems?)

Just out of intrest how many miles did Moto-Cal tell you the bike had done?

The reason I ask is the speedo unit was replaced at about 7000miles(warranty job) which meant the mileage was back to zero again,

07/11/2002 at 18:11
I've never been off road with the DRZ (not yet anyway).
I can't say I'm too hot on the bike maintenance front, so dealer servicing only I'm afraid.
It's Jap though, so I'm hoping for some reliability
Runs fine at the moment.
Added Talon/Morad 17" wheels, wavy braking disc & various useless carbon bits.

I found out about the speedo from some of your old posts on Thumper Talk and got the dyno charts too (don't worry I'm not stalking you!).
Calum never mentioned the mileage. Did he know about it?
Would be nice to know, just a bit of info to store away for reference next time I buy off him.

07/11/2002 at 22:39
I'm sure I mentioned it to Ross when I traded it in, to be honest I think the speedo unit confused them a bit(they phoned me a few days later ao how to work some of the functions),

I'll keep an eye out for the DRZ with it's new wheel's,

Oh please tell me you binned those awfull chrome mirrors that was on it that time at Alvins!!! I can understand you wanting the indicators and that back on for road riding, but there is no excuse for those mirrors!!!!

10/11/2002 at 14:44
I just stuck the smallest, lighest, cheapest mirrors I could find on it.

The fashion police would have a field day with the bike anyway, as it's now a mixture of blue, black, white, gold & carbon.


P.S. Picture attached (hopefully).
11/11/2002 at 09:16
It's looking good, why not get some black side panels/rear mudguard/radiator scoops for it and paint the headlight cover black(or buy a black one), could do you that lot for about £90 and say a £5 for some paint and sandpaper for the headlight cover, I think that would set it off a treat infact you might as well get some black handguard thingys while your at it,

Anyway it's good to see the DRZ again, if you ever want to have a go at some off-roading, your welcome to have a spin on my CR250,

11/11/2002 at 10:23
Yup, black bodywork is in the pipeline.

Thanks for the offer, same goes for the DR, if you see me around and want a go, just give me a shout.

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