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Where have all my attachments gone?

Give them back!

I thought you were off?

Abel wrote (see)

I thought you were off?

Nah! It was just my old aftershave.

So where are my attachments?

Seconded, where are they?Not Gibbo's, as I don't care that much, but where are mine? 

On the old site still I guess.Not much help I know but I tried. 

They're not, a link I had to one of the attachments no longer works.

Because the old site is no longer "open".Doesn't mean it is no longer "there" tho. 

Are we going to get any answer?

Yes, as stated elsewhere, there is a plan afoot to import all the old pics into user galeries. It won't happen overnight tho.

When am I going to be able to access my attachments?

wankyvd (not verified)


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