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29/10/2011 at 17:16

For all you off roaders that are looking for a venue to ride once a month on a Sat/Sun or the whole weekend check out Endurouk.co.uk.

This is a new club formed recently and run by Vicky and Clyde who put a mega amount of time,effort and money into organising these events and all for the love of the sport, they have two sites available to them with other sites in prospect, have been to the last three events the track is set out to suit all levels of riding skills with easy or hard routes to choose from, they have a great little kids track so ideal for the family,they have a terrific set up with paramedics always in attendance should you need them.

Most of you offroaders will already know that finding somewhere to ride is getting harder, so why not check out Endurouk and you tube - Witham on the hill or Colsterworth the organisers are riders themselves and stage these events purely for us offroaders, so come along to the next venue the 19th and 20th November, with already a good turn out of riders your support will always be welcomed by Vicky and Clyde and you won't be disappointed.

Paul, offroader

20/11/2011 at 19:02

 had a great day there today on the 19th 11 we just bought the new buggy down it went like a dream just gutted i didnt get the chance to go on it dave smile from ear to ear all yhe back to leicester good day great place to go the track just right love it 10/10 for me roll on jan

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