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valentino sneakers sale given

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valentino sneakers sale given

How To Dress As 'Commander In Chic'

Fashion admirers of first lady Michelle Obama take note of her poise and style with the same intensity valentino sneakers sale given to super models and Alist actors.

Mikki Taylor, editoratlarge for Essence magazine, shows how the first lady's style is timeless and accessible to the modern woman in her new book, Commander In Chic: Every Woman's Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady.

"Mrs. Obama masters style with distinction, simply put. She has a dress code that works for her, and she valentino sneakers shops at all price points," Taylor says in an interview with Tell Me More host Michel Martin.

Taylor says that the first lady makes use of "repeat performers," or classic pieces that can be repurposed for different occasions. She says that Obama valentino sneakers on sale is a wise woman with a "great, wellinvested wardrobe."

For example, a cropped black cardigan can be worn over a sun dress in the day or over a black sheath dress at night.

But what about the woman who's focused on making it through the work day, driving her kids to soccer practice, and then putting a meal on the table? Can she be just as fabulous?

The key, according to Taylor, is to build a "bankable wardrobe" a series of classic pieces that can be mixed and matched, depending on whether you're heading to work, the neighborhood picnic, or dinner with friends. Ultimately, Taylor says that style should be a concern for every woman because it's a form of personal expression.

"Style, in the broad stroke, really has everything to do with who you are," says Taylor. "It is so important that you define your style across the board, from how you conduct yourself in the world, from what you will and won't allow to become your truth, to how well you dress."

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