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Ron Haslam Race School

Off there next week (30th July) in the morning doing the Elite coures

Sick of not improving at trackdays and was hoping this is a step in the right direction

Anyone else going or has been? if so what was it like?

i have often thought about doing it but i never seem to have to money at the right time.let us know what its like. and have fun

its good as long as you ride within your limits and listen to the instructors.if your unhappy with anything or your progress then voice it to the instructor rather than bottle it up and moan afterwards.follow theses rules and you'll have a very good day

same as stud , do a post and let us know how you got on and how you improved

I did the 600s (premier??) about 2 years ago and it helped me loads with my road-riding. I've only recently started doing trackdays, but I feel this course helped me loads........ although many on here would disagree

I did the premier course maybe 4 or more years ago now.  Excellent.  Could have done with another session though.I think that was my first track riding on a bike so it was a pretty good way to start I thought.

The Haslam race school has been popular since it began back in 1997, and like Earl says any problems speak to the insructors in your sessions. Youv'e paid for the day with instruction so ask if your unsure about anything, most people do enjoy the day with the school, and over the years have had some celebs doing the days and coming away pleased.e.g. Andrew Ridgley(Wham) Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) Sean Blowers (Londons Burning) Corro Stars and Emerdale Stars so has always been very popular....

I've been riding over 15 years but took my first faltering steps onto a track this May with the Ron Haslam Premier course (CBR600RR, two students to one instructor) and found it both enormous fun and really instructive. Learned a heck of a lot about body and bike position and had such a blast I gritted my teeth and chucked in for an Elite course which I did last Wednesday (23rd July 08).On a 'Blade with Owen Cherrell (ex-racer and owner of a bike shop in Lincolnshire) as my instructor I started the day a tad apprehensive but with very friendly and constructive instruction I ended the fourth session by posting a 1min 56sec lap and the datalogging sheet showed that if I could have combined my best times across the 8 sectors into one lap it would have been 1min 53 (and a half!). Whilst laptime-chasing wasn't at all my aim, it showed the progression made through the day with roughly 5 secs being shaved off from session to session. The increase in pace is very progressive and I barely noticed that we were going faster which I feel is testament to the quality of the instruction. Although it IS pricey at £359 I felt that the combined effect of this track, using the school's bike and the superb instruction made it all worthwhile. I'm now far more confident about taking my own GSX-R750 onto a track and am about to book up for another Donington trackday next month using my own bike. If you have the money to spare, I can't think of a more beneficial and utterly enjoyable way to spend it. Top marks to the school.

Verdict: BrilliantIt was worth spending the money as I learnt a hell of a lot in a morning. Our instructor was a road racer and was excellentGuy Martin and AJ Ventor were also there instructing so the level of the teachers is ..well it speaks for itselfI missed doing a couple of track days to save for this and it was worth it. I just need to put it into Practice now so will book a track day at DoningtonTop marks to the scholl

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