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12/10/2008 at 21:30

hi folks, im wanting to do a few track days but dont know where to start. im in the north east so am thinking of maybe croft as a starter. how can i get into it?

by the way i'd be on a ktm s'moto not a race rep.

13/10/2008 at 07:56

Hello Indi

Just do it Mate.

Book it turn up listen to what your told in the briefing, it will help.

Just done my first TD with No Limits, there were alot of first timers. If you need more help just ask on here or do a search, a lot of the guys and girls on here do track days regularly and will help you out, just ask

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Go to track 2 Come the Night written by our very own Katseye

Please visit the Charity Trackday site

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13/10/2008 at 10:13

As Dooffle9 said, just book it and turn up. I did my first trackday a few weeks ago at Cadwell.

I was quite nervous and the 3 sighting laps seemed never ending. Thought I'd never learn the circuit, but you'll be amazed how quickly you do. Well, maybe not learrn it exactly, but you'll know what corner is coming next.

If you're worried about being slow or being stratled by faster bikes overtaking you,  join the circuit at the back of the group. You'll have a ot of the session before the fasdter bikes lap you, unless Croft is a short circuit.

Worst thing is I've now got a long wait until I can do another.

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