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28/03/2011 at 20:04
Having done a large part of Vietnam with Dalat Easy Riders in February my friend and I fancy doing India next year. Being on a guided tour proved to us the value of local knowledge so we want to do an organised tour in India.

What companies do people recommend?
I've looked at quite a few and they are all about 2k to 2.5k plus flights. The best so far seems to be
Asia-Bike-Tours | Motorcycle Tours - India - Nepal - China - Tibet - Bhutan
as it's all in except alcoholic drinks and only £2300 or so.
Does anyone have any experience of them or other firms, benefits/pitfalls/advice etc?

I have PM'd Geordieboy re his posts in 2007
Thanks in advance

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04/04/2011 at 10:43

Hi Jon

Why not take a look at who specialise in small group motorcycle tours in India. I am the company's MD which means i am a little biased but i also know we are a cut above the competition if you are looking for a genuine travel experience.

We take you right off the beaten track and vary our route each time to make sure each trip is a unique  adventure. You won't ride 8 hours a day with us as you will want plenty of time to enjoy and take in what you see along the way.

We keep the group numbers to a minimum (max 8) so that you get a much more "intimate " travel experience rather than being ushered round in an army like formation. This means much more flexibility during the trip allowing us to tailor it to your own tastes as we travel. This also permits us to stay in smaller, more atmospheric accommodation and to visit wilder out of the way places  than you could do with a larger group.

I cant go into any more detail here Jon as words are limited, but please do have a look at the website and the facebook page and drop me a line to chat about it.

Take care and all the best


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