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15/02/2009 at 20:23

I am doing my first touring trip this june I have toured Ireland and here many times but looking for any thoughts on this trip we are getting the ferry from Hull to europort then riding to Berlin having overnight in Helmstedt to break journey .A day in Berlin then off to Rudesheim stopping overnight in Bad Hersfeld to break journey .A day in Rudesheim. Then to Cochem to Trier and the back leg from Trier to Brugges overnight at Namur on the way A day in Brugges then get the ferry from Zeebrugge back to Hull . we are doing this over 10 days has anyone done this and got any ideas of alternative places to stay.

17/02/2009 at 15:52

Can't comment on whole trip, Veefer.

Suggest you leave the Autobahn at Bingen and pick up the B9 going north.  This will take you alongside the Rhein up to Koblenz.  You'll pass the Lorelei Rock which is the deepest/narrowest portion of the Rhein.  Plenty of eats / sleeps on this road.

In Koblenz you can pick up the B416 which will take you on the north (west) bank of the Mosel to Cochem en route to Trier.

Gute Reise.
What, not another jolly ?

01/03/2009 at 16:24

One thing, Veefer, which may be new to you is that yellow road markings cancel and superscede any other (generally white) markings on the road.  Yellow markings are often used at road works (Baustelle).  There is generally a speed limit at Baustelle.

Another thing is that when two lanes filter into one, they use the Reisverschüßverfahren (zip procedure).  In other words, vehicles from each lane take it in turn to join the single flow.

To try to follow the guy immediately in front of you, in your lane, without giving way to the chap in the other lane, will be frowned upon - generally by somebody pointing their fore finger at the side of their head (Vogelzeigen = show you the bird (brain))
What, not another jolly ?

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