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Biking Euro Trip.

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07/05/2009 at 15:24

Hi peeps. I'm setting off next week to the Dam, riding through Germany back to Prague, then heading out to Barcelona.

I have a rough guide for the route... as follows...

15th Amsterdam - Berlin

16th berlin - Prague





May 20th - Munich, Germany
May 21st - Verona, Italy
May 22nd - Milan, Italy
May 23rd - Genova, Italy
May 24th - Marseille, France
May 25th - Narbonne, France
May 26th - Barcelona, Spain
May 27th - Barcelona, Spain
May 28th - Barcelona, Spain
May 29th - Andora Mountains
May 30th - Andora Mountains
May 31st - Montpellier, France
June 1st - Saint Etienne, France
June 2nd - Geneva, Switzerland
June 3rd - Bern, Switzerland
June 4th - Zurich, Switzerland
June 5th - Ingolstadt, Germany??
June 6th - Prague

I'm just using the above main cities as points for mileage and resting... so any info on surrounding area or other suggestions welcome. I want scenery. I don't need luxury, just a good bed and a hot shower. I have a newbie pillion.

Any tips greatly appreciated.

Ride safe


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09/05/2009 at 16:06

WOW - you certainly are planning to cover a  helluvalota ground, aren't you??

Is your pillion experienced, or new to this game??  If your passenger is a newbie, be prepared that he/she will not necessarily be able to cope with long hours in the saddle & mile upon mile of riding.  You don't get to see so much from back there, you know!!

Be prepared to be flexible, and maybe reduce your itinerary.  My advice would be - ride for a day, stay 2 nights, so that your friend has a day to recover, and see some sights, before getting back on board!!

Otherwise, you will just be spending all your time riding from 'point-to-point' which is hardly enjoyable for those 'on the back' or even remotely romantic!!  (Let's face it, saddle sores don't exactly make for a 'friendly' time!!)

11/05/2009 at 01:00

Thanks for the reply.

I plan on riding for at most 5 hours per day but some days will only require tops 3 hours. Breakfast. Relax. Saddle up. Ride for an hour and a bit. Break, Gas up. Ride. Break, gas up. Lunch. Relax. Ride. Break, gas up. Arrive. Relax. Shower. Evening meal. Sleep.

If I'm setting off by 10am, and arriving by 5-6pm - thats a long day of lots of rest periods and sight seeing.

I'll be mixing up autoroute and scenic routes to get a good blend.

She's taller than me and will get a good view from the back of the Busa.

11/05/2009 at 01:43

Well, that does not sound too bad after all!!

You are certainly planning to visit some interesting places as well.

In Verona, be sure to visit the Arena, it's fantastic, and for the romance, take a look at Juliet's balcony!

In Munich, the Nymphenburg Palace, on the outskirts of the city is beautiful, with lovely gardens, (plenty of 'scope' for romantic moments there!!)

It sounds like you might know Prague, but I'd say visit the Charles bridge - gorgeous, with lovely river views. Going up to the St Vitus Cathederal makes a very nice walk through some old parts of town.  There are some Art Nouveau Hotels on Wenceslas Place that I would try and stay in, if I ever manage to go back there (not too sure where you'd park the bike though.

In Andorra, consider staying at Escaldes-Engordanay, this is the 'spa' town of Andorra, with several spa's for relaxing hot soaks and massages, just the job after long hours in the saddle!!

Barcelona is just great, the Gaudi architecture is worth studying, and take a trip up to Parc Guell.  You can visit Nou Camp too for a tour, if you are 'footy' minded.  You might be able to find a bar with some dancing in the Ramblas area, too!

I don't know the other places you are going to as well as the ones I have mentioned.  I hope you both have a great time (and no saddle sores!!)

18/05/2009 at 12:31
cheers man
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