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What is the best lock in your opinion

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18/02/2008 at 15:47

I have just bought a TT 600 and will go off round France soon. I am new to the bike world and obviously want to keep my new bike safe on the trip and at home.

What is the best lock to buy, what type and which are the most reasonable?



20/02/2008 at 02:53

I would recommend the biggest, fattest chain (thatcham approved if poss) that you can afford, with a really good padlock.  That's what I use when touring, as it LOOKS much and is IMO therefore quite a deterrant.

It's always worth asking your hotel if they have a safe place you can put the bike, it's amazing what nooks and crannies they will come up with to safely squirrel a bike away.  In France, they are VERY bike friendly.

20/02/2008 at 03:30

If you are touring biggest consideration is likely to be saving space and weight...just the opposite of what you want from a lock!

I usually fit a disc lock and between us take a chain so that we can fasten the bikes together and make the chain awkward to get at without disturbing bikes and setting alarms off...

Generally though if you are careful you can get your bike out of the way and sleep peacefully! enjoy your trip 

21/02/2008 at 20:25

Have a look at the almax website.

 these are not reasonable but they are probably the best lock you can buy at the moment. (in my opinion)

 Also look at youtube, lots of thatcham approved locks being cropped in under a minute, but not almax. I have one, they are heavy  but they are currently doing a deal, when you buy a chain and ground anchor you get a free kriega tailpack thingy to carry it in.

Anyways, good luck!

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