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There are bikes that are manufactured and there are bikes that are engineered . No need to guess which one the Sp2 is . That's what makes th...

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19/07/2011 at 11:52
There are bikes that are manufactured and there are bikes that are engineered . No need to guess which one the Sp2 is . That's what makes them so special . Go look at a Mondial Piego 1000 .They fetch $30,000 5>8 yrs on and they use a RC51 motor. HRC do not stamp their name on the engine sidecases for nothing . Go check out their machines and you'll understand , the RC range is truly spectacular. Will your blade be remembered in 20yrs from now ? As a specialist machine, this is one of the finest V twin machines to come out of Japan .
09/12/2012 at 11:38
I like the Honda VTR SP2, Would like to know more about the bike.
11/12/2012 at 08:13

They are a very focused bike . they ooze quality , character , and style in my opinion with a sound that has to be one of the most beautiful sounds in MC history . To date the motor has been reliable . It's power delivery is very linear and progressive . I do have a power commander and yoshi cans on it . It's power comes on down low and it delivers right to the red line . It is deceptively quick .

It loves the long high speed corners . At high speeds this bike is as solid as a rock . The front stays planted .In the tight however , it pushes wide and you have to work it hard to get it round . In it's defence though , I have not tuned the suspension . 

It's not a bike you'll just jump on and ride . It demands a relationship . It is a track bike and it only responds when you ride it like a track bike . You know that this bike when ridden properly will be insanely quick . I simply don't have the talent to bring the best out of it . Not for the lack of trying though LOL .

It is a little porky . 193kgs dry is a bit heavy for a bike such as this , but I'm sure some carbon cans and after bits will solve that . With its weight carried low , short wheel base of 1420mm and a rake of 22 degrees (I think), it flicks nicely .

The SP2 is a very aggressive track bike made for the road . There is only one way to ride it . To me it's a garage princess you roll out once in a while to enjoy it's many wonderful qualities on a crisp sunday morning . 

It compares to the RSV mille in so many ways . I brought it because HRC have had their hand in this bike . It's the stable mate of the RC30 , and RC45 . And I'm certain HRC only produce quality .  It's a stunning bike . it's not a bike for the light hearted or inexperienced . Don't expect it to be a RSV4 or a BMW1000RR . It demands aggression and effort and it will reward you for it . 

Remember ; no traction control , no anti wheelie , ABS . Pure rider imput on a pure as you'll get race bike . I'm so glad I bought it , but you'll need a second bike for those more relaxed rides


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