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31/08/2009 at 00:21
Been riding bikes all my life and this is by far the best i have ever had. Now the service I have had from my local dealer that is another story. First service they done they had forgoten to tighten the brake caliper after I rode it home miles I noticed it dangling from the bike . Phoned them and get this they asked me to drive the bike back to them . Got my service free and they never done the brakes or put enough oil in it twice [ TWO TIMES THEY FILLED OIL UP FIRST TIME QUARTER THE WAY UP GLASS SECOND TIME HALF WAY UP THE GLASS] . brakes not done becuase it was ONLY ELEVEN MONTHS since they were done the last time . What a service from a BMW Dealer [ John Clark Dundee ] .And to top it of BMW would not get involved . This will be my last BMW I will ever own SHOCKING OR WHAT
13/10/2009 at 00:13

This is a great bike I've owned 2 ride it daily around town done 25000 on the first and the present on 30000, No technical problems. This machine was designed in 1997 and still looks good for it's age

 but oh the dealers.. They've become fitters no longer mechanics  

The first forgot to tighten the brake caliper, which came adrift 100yds from the dealer. The next time they took the caliper apart and couldn't put it to getther again and all seem not to know how much fluid to put in the machine. but if you stand your ground in the showroom they usually back down. Can't wait for the next incarnation 1800 or 2.2 cc engine hopefully whoopee

30/11/2009 at 06:09
I'm completely disappointed with BMW. My rear rotor on my 05 LT began to make a noise this year (August 09) so I looked online and found out that other riders, and there are many of them, have called it "cow belling" That is just what it sounds like when you ride slow. This is caused by the 10 rivet rubber dampeners wearing out and they can't be replace, so you have to purchase a new rotor. The rotor is a poorly manufactured piece of this motorcycle. BMW won't do a recall on something that they have created poorly. My rotor itself looks brand new and feels brand new (no score marks) and measures in at 1.28 one thousandth of an inch under original specs. BMW has 1% of the North American market, how do they expect to capture more of this market when they won't deal with their poorly made motorcycle parts. This will be my first and last BMW.
08/08/2012 at 11:18

I bought my K1200LTSE new from a BMW company in essex England in 2002. I had been riding for more than 20 years on a variety of bikes including BMW up until then. However, within 400 miles my clutch started failing, this was the start of heaps of issues. They replaced this, at 400miles just run in. Not what I expected for a 15500 pound bike. Nearly 45000 plus NZ dollars. Then the rear wheels bearing started failing. The first time was in Norway while exploring which is why I was in Europe. The bike shop in Tromsone ( sorry for spelling, good people themselves) repaired it after a week. BMW brake down up me up in the most concenicent hotel. This happen at least five more times in the following year. The essex BMW shop told me that it was because I was putting to much load on it. Crap, 600+ kilos no chance.

After, I had crossed 100000miles BMW in no uncertain terms told me to "****" off. Of course they did not say that but it was implied.


I still have the bike 10 years on and I still have to pay heaps to get things done. Not many original parts.

My own personal option is not to buy BMW!!!! They make vehicles that do not meet client expectations and then blame the client instead of accepting responsiblity and fixing the issue or doing right in the first place.

Look at the K1600GTL at $38000 in Aus and $24000 in USA and more in Europe. Told specs are different. I find that hard to accept. Rip off every step of the way.Read other sites of the replacement part delay over the world and the lack of support. Only after a couple of years or less release.


23/08/2012 at 07:13

I bought a new BMW-k1200 one month ago and from that time on I fell in love with it. This bike is dam heavy but this does not stop you enjoying riding.


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