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Had a Quantum for a few years and although it fits extremly well I have had similar problems to bedsocks.. with the pinlock. ...

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29/04/2012 at 22:40

Had a Quantum for a few years and although it fits extremly well I have had similar problems to bedsocks.. with the pinlock. It seems not to be designed for this helmet. With the pinlock inserted opening and closing the visor causes the top edge of the pinlock to touch the rubber that surrounds the helmet front and the outcome is scratches on both Pinlock and visor, directly in my line of vision. 

I have been to two Arai dealers (5 star). The first adjusted the visor slightly away from the helmet and although it touched no more the gap was enough to let rain trickle down the inside of the visor, the second dealer moved the visor in a little, no more rain but back to square one.

If you Google (Arai Quantum problems). There seem to be others with the same issues. My local dealer has informed me that I am not the only person with a pinlock that will not fit.

Arai have just introduced a new visor called Max Vision, which has a Pinlock recess.  and he believes this was to rectify the Pinlock issues,

But companies like Arai will never admit a mistake. and now to rectify the problem I must spend about another £90.. and then the brow vents will not work. This is my only issue with this helmet but I purchased it because of the pinlock system.

This apart it is good in all other respects maybe with the exception of a poor SHARP rating.. Only 3 ***.

21/10/2012 at 03:28

I am Bedsocks and have a review somewhere on this page regarding the Quantum.Just to add that I have now purchased a 'Max Vision Visor' for almost £100, which includes a recessed Pinlock and can comment that it is excellent, no more catching the apature surround rubber, stays in it's recess and works perfectly. Arai developed this... Why, My only conclusion is that they realised there was a problem with the original. Pity the R&D dept did not get it right the first time. Also the new Max Vision visor has no brow vents to match the openings in the top of the helmet. So- I am very critical of this company for selling an under developed product yet the outcome totally eliminates fogging and never needs any adjustment. The broken brow vent was replaced by an Arai rep free of charge but not the chin vent,,For this he said the helmet had to be sent to Arai and they would decide whether they would fix it FOC. So still complaining about this company BUT and it is a big BUT I can now see in all weathers, with NO misting whatsoever.. and it is still very comfortable, I recently rode 835 miles in one day with no helmet, or any other issues. So I will upgrade this helmet to 3.75 stars.

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