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Return to biking, need advice on what to get.

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Return to biking, need advice on what to get.

Returning to biking again, done my test about 5 years ago, rode a 125c for it then bought a xj600n restricted to 33bhp, year later sold it due to move to London and couldn't justify a car and a bike. Can now ride any size bike.

Now moving out of London and will be commuting 30 mile. The outrageous train ticket (250 per month) and my often late notice shift changes means a bike will be the most practical way of getting to work, I also have been craving a bike for last couple of years. At work I have a very secure car park, at home will have ground anchors.

I ideally need a bike which can commute 60 miles a day on dual carriageways, keep up with a ninja 600 (friend owns one and we'll be going for rides out), insurance friendly and something which I can learn to maintain myself.

Budget - ideally around £2k but can stretch to £4k, ideally don't want to lose alot of money if I want to sell in the future. I've still got decent kit I had a couple years ago.

I'm six foot 1, big build, like fairing but also naked, a mix would be good.

Ideas I've had so far;
Fazer600 - not the nicest looking, cheap to insure, cheap to buy, a good all rounder I've heard?

Mt07 - love the looks, cheap to run, more pricey to buy,

Cbr600f - an extra 400 to insure every year compared to.bikes above, is it worth it?

Cbr500f - I've read it's good, anyone with experience of it?

Newer gsxf - pretty good all rounder I've heard.

Sv650 - heard good things, would be looking at a newer one, thoughts?

I've done research and there appears to be loads of bikes that could do what I wanted, including nc750x, f800st etc, just wondered whether anyone could give some advice on their own experiences.

I'd add the ER6F to your list

I'd add the ER6F to your list - near the top! A very competent 650cc, comfortable and easy to ride and the "F" variant has fairings.

If you're considering the CBR600F you should maybe also be looking at the ZX6R, R6 and GSXR600 which are all strong competitors, but I'm not sure a supersport is ideal for your needs. Some people struggle the seating position over distance, particularly shorter and taller riders, so you should probably sit on a few first, and they can be a little unwieldy/highly-strung around town compared to something more upright.

FZ6 S2 with fairing

I had a 125 and an XJ600N like you. Now I have a Fazer with the full fairing and it looks much better for it. The S2 has more power than the previous versions and looks way better. Just take it above 10k revs and it comes to life all the way up to 14k.

I'd definitely replace the 20 Amp fan fuse with a 10 Amp one though or the fan will die before the fuse does, if it jams.

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