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Valentino Rockstud Sale happened to drive

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Valentino Rockstud Sale happened to drive

If you Valentino Rockstud Sale happened to drive down Melrose in Los Angeles today, you probably saw the dozens of paparazzi and fans hovering outside the Kardashians' Dash boutique, all hoping for a peek of the intimate celebration happening inside. Today is, after all, the official launch of Kylie Jenner's highly anticipated Lip Kit, and she and her friends (and me!) were inside celebrating with cupcakes, smoothies, and \u2014 you guessed it \u2014 plenty of selfies.

Unless you've recently implemented the Kardashian\/Jenner blocker, you've probably read all about Jenner's three lip duos that launched \u2014and promptly sold out \u2014 this morning.

In a green ombr\u00e9 wig (which looks really real in person, mind you) and a subtle cat-eye, Jenner was dressed in all white and wore the Lip Kit shade she would later tell us is her favorite: Candy K. Halfway through the small gathering, Caitlin Jenner arrived, also in all white, to show the same kind of support that Kylie's shown her over the last year. (More on their current relationship in a few.)

Of course, we didn't attend just for the snacks and a Lip Kit of our choice. (Although snagging Candy K was a nice bonus.) We also had a laundry list of questions for the new queen of the lipstick game, which, naturally, we're sharing here.

R29: Congrats on such a successful launch today! What was the motivation to create this product?

Kylie Jenner: \"So, I feel there has been so much attention on my lips, like, my whole life, but yeah, I\u2019ve been obsessed with lipliners and lipsticks and I can\u2019t leave the house without them, Valentino Rockstud Shoes so probably just my obsession with it. And I wanted to take matters into my own hands and create my own and really give my fans and followers something, because I feel like everyone has been looking for the Kylie Jenner lip color, what exactly I use, and this is like my dream color.\"

R29: You're a pro when it comes to wearing products, but what were the challenges of actually creating one? K.J.: \"I am really into Kiehl\u2019s right now, and Kendall\u2019s dermatologist has a line of stuff that she makes, so I've been using her natural washes, too.\" just a friend of Valentino Shoes mine\u2019s. But I actually haven\u2019t seen that dog in a while. But it\u2019s a pretty dog.

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