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20/12/2011 at 18:18

120 mph tank slapper after hitting a brick in the road, the bike landed on me for the long long slide..... the bike got away with it...

3 years later im still getting fixed...............

Oh Yeah.. and always wear your  Leathers etc etc,,,,,   this was one of them  "just popping to the shop"  moments

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20/12/2011 at 18:35

22/02/2012 at 12:38


I had a very slow Hi-Side - no more then 5mph, no, really on a ZX12R

landed heavy on my L/H knee, and did have all my kit on, but pulped my 'tibial plateau' anyway

but nothing like yours

luck to you on your recovery, I was out of work 15 months, insurance money went on household bills, had to sell car, and had house re-possessed, but I am now, 2 years on, starting to work again, short term contracts at pants money TBH, but at least I came through it

you still going to be able to ride again?

I really do think my supersport days are past now, will be looking to sports / tourer rig next

maybe a Harley

or even a Ural outfit

but two wheels FTW

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28/02/2012 at 18:28

Blimey Rambler. 

 sounds like you come of worse than me,,  being a squaddie i had nearly a year of work with no loss of wages etc, lucky there.... well until i went to Aghan that is , and had to have another knee when i returned...

Wife has banned me from bikes, as she never wants to see me a Coma again, fair point I spose.

28/02/2012 at 20:15

ah well we have to listen to wife

until the next one natch

and yes, it would have been a different kettle of fish if I had a 'proper' job, or some nonce in a car had done it to me

all expenses paid then

however, it wasn't to be, I will be back on 2 wheels one day, just not sure when

stay safe


30/12/2012 at 20:53

Oh dear thats awful I hope you are recovering well, only I don't understand the 120mph nip to the shop bit really, still glad your ok..

14/01/2013 at 10:03

Oh man that just hurts my skin too. You must have had a nightmare that time. Get well soon.

Wonderful Chicco highchair & Maxi Cosi car seat for babies.

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24/01/2013 at 11:53

Whoa! So sorry for that. Quick receovery....

24/01/2013 at 21:34

sorry for all your hurt ,  physical and mental , seems that u have been unfortunate  just to get through .chin up always .


19/02/2013 at 17:19

jeezz, I had to cross my legs and cringe with vicarios agony. EVERY real biker feels for you,hope at 3years things are OK.

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