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Lucky bike

120 mph tank slapper after hitting a brick in the road, the bike landed on me for the long long slide..... the bike got away with it...

3 years later im still getting fixed...............

Oh Yeah.. and always wear your  Leathers etc etc,,,,,   this was one of them  "just popping to the shop"  moments

JEEZI had a very slow Hi-Side - no more then 5mph, no, really on a ZX12Rlanded heavy on my L/H knee, and did have all my kit on, but pulped my 'tibial plateau' anywaybut nothing like yours luck to you on your recovery, I was out of work 15 months, insurance money went on household bills, had to sell car, and had house re-possessed, but I am now, 2 years on, starting to work again, short term contracts at pants money TBH, but at least I came through ityou still going to be able to ride again?I really do think my supersport days are past now, will be looking to sports / tourer rig nextmaybe a Harley or even a Ural outfitbut two wheels FTW

Blimey Rambler.   sounds like you come of worse than me,,  being a squaddie i had nearly a year of work with no loss of wages etc, lucky there.... well until i went to Aghan that is , and had to have another knee when i returned...Wife has banned me from bikes, as she never wants to see me a Coma again, fair point I spose.

ah well we have to listen to wife until the next one natch and yes, it would have been a different kettle of fish if I had a 'proper' job, or some nonce in a car had done it to meall expenses paid thenhowever, it wasn't to be, I will be back on 2 wheels one day, just not sure whenstay safeRambler

The most important safety

Oh dear thats awful I hope you are recovering well, only I don't understand the 120mph nip to the shop bit really, still glad your ok..

Oh man that just hurts my skin too. You must have had a nightmare that time. Get well soon.

Whoa! So sorry for that. Quick receovery....

sorry for all your hurt ,  physical and mental , seems that u have been unfortunate  just to get through .chin up always .  

jeezz, I had to cross my legs and cringe with vicarios agony. EVERY real biker feels for you,hope at 3years things are OK.

hmmm....when you ride your loving bike with high speed so i suggest you all guys that you all should to take protection with you. and i feel for everyone who got hurts badly. ........ classified website

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