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Fzer 600 streetfighter

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07/06/2012 at 12:14


I opened a bike shop in Shetland 2 years ago and we have just finished our first prototype project bike. Ideally we would love to start manufacturing these for sale , we have just started project 2 which will be cafe racerish . I would be very grateful to you all for your comments and feedback . please have a look and be as brutally honest as possible . hope you enjoy our creation . Thanks


07/06/2012 at 12:17

Please see my gallery for other pics of the same bike or check out burra motor repairs on facebook


Thanks again


28/06/2012 at 20:12

Saw this bike at the Simmer Dim!  It looks good but tell us more about it !

29/06/2012 at 16:38

The bike started out life as a Fazer 600 which was very ratty and not really surprising that no one would buy it . We started stripping it down to clean it up then decided to make a project out of it instead with the hope of selling a few or if nothing else it is a good example "I think" of what services we have on offer . We also thought that not all streetfighters have to scare the bejesus out of you and be tuned to the nuts which compromises reliability .We wanted to create something which looks the part but most improtant is FUN TO DRIVE.  We could not think of a better donour bike than the couriers choice the Yam Fazer 600 . The only bits left on the bike that are Fazer is the engine , main frame, ECU,coils, carbs, ignition switch and fuel tank everything else was removed and sold on . The headstock was altered to suit the RSV front end , we had to get a new CNC top yolke manufactured to suit the modified headstock and RSV forks , the RSV swinging arm was machined narrower at the frame mounting point to suit the fazer mounting points , the swinging arm mounting points in the fazer frame were also altered to suit the RSV swinging arm ." the swinging arm was too wide to fit in the fazer frame and the diameter of the frame mounts and the swinging arm were massively different .With the swinging arm and front end in the bike the sprockets did not line up so we had to alter some engine mounts and get an off-set front sprocket to make up the difference we managed to get the sprockets to 0.29mm off true . The Fazer subframe was removed and a new subframe was manufactured to suit the MV F4 tail unit and undertray , this took a lot of work as we wanted the subframe hidden so the tail unit looks like it is floating . The nosecone is from an RM 250 which is turned upside down . the headlight is the smallest main and dip unit which is UK road legal . A whole new wiring loom was manufactured . A racefit titanium slash cut tail pipe was fitted . Because of the lack of space under the seat we had to get as small a battery as we could find so a lithium Ion battery was our choice and I am absolutely amazed at the difference in size and weight. All new HEL colour coded brake lines were fitted to Brembo front and rear brakes. The Wheels are from an RSV 1000 Millie.  We had to manufacture loads of brackets, shims, reducers,adaptors,plates the list goes on and on including the headlight bracket, top and bottom rear shock mounts ,rear brake mastercylinder bracket. All in all the project has taken around 300 man hours to complete ,a shit load of coffee and cigarettes, and a hell of a lot of cursing and swearing . The bike is to feature in Streetfighters as soon as we get some decent weather for a photo shoot , as you were at the Simmer Dim you know the crack with the Shetland weather !! The only part which was not manufactured in Shetland was the top Yolke and this was only because we were pushed for time to get the bike finished for the Shetland Classic Car Show . Had we had more time all bits would have been manufactured in the Islands which is what I wanted the bike to represent . There are loads more pictures as the bike was being constructed and details on our facebook page Burra Motor Repairs . Hope you like the bike and enjoyed the Simmer Dim

09/10/2012 at 21:34

Well smart lads ,looks the dogs dangley bits ,I wish you well with your venture.

30/10/2012 at 23:11

One thousand thanks to all who have taken the time to express their opinion . Thank you for your comments , watch this space for mark 2 .

19/11/2012 at 08:44

This one looks different...i like it

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