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22/03/2011 at 18:36

I thought it would be a good idea to mark the opening of the World Superbikes, Moto GP and Speedway seasons and the imminent kick-start of the British Superbikes circus next month, to revisit an article from last year. One which speaks from the rareified atmospheres of the commentary boxes belonging to British Eurosport and Sky and six of our favourite commentators, who inhabit them.

We take a cheeky look at their commentary styles, their grasp of the fundamentals of their particular motorcycle sport specialism, weaknesses (… possibly…) and their foibles. In case you haven’t  figured out who I’m talking about, they are; in no particular order: Julian Ryder and Toby Moody, Jack ‘Old Mother’ Burnicle, Whitham and the Nigel Pearson/Kelvin Tatum double act for the sideways-inclined.

Take a look at 'The Carbon Fibre’s in the Kitty Litter!' It might help to prompt debate, or just prod it along a bit. If nothing else it should make you giggle.

 Here’s wishing everyone – spectators: trackside and armchair, commentators, teams/mechanics and most of all riders an exciting, rewarding and safe season’s racing. May battle commence!

(Non-motorcycle enthusiasts, don’t be turned off! This post contains many universal truths and signposts we could all do well to follow in our own lives. All we need to do is look for them. Very hard. Very very hard.)

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