ZX7R rear shock

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ZX7R rear shock

I read on some site, people were using a ZX10 rear shock on their ZX7R, is this possible and how much modding would it require?

I own an 04 ZX10R and the one shite component on the bike is the original rear shock. So how bad does your bike have to be before a shit rear shock makes it good?Go aftermarket Mr.Insanity.

Was just asking, another thing, I've just found out all ZX7R are equipped with a slipper clutch!

Traditionally a ZX7R has a great front end and an equally crap rear,there are various well documented ways of addressing this imbalance,but fitting the shock from a bike that badly needs a shock is not one of them. HTH.

Ok, I get the drift I've never ridden a ZX10R so I was asking Ohlins is it then

Insanity wrote (see)

Ok, I get the drift I've never ridden a ZX10R so I was asking Ohlins is it then

You don't need to go mad with an Ohlins,etc mate,sorry if I seem condescending,the likes of a Hagon or EMC will be a far better shock than the oversprung and underdamped original. You also need to check out the ZX7R forums because the rear shock wasn't the whole problem,the rising rate of the suspension linkage is in the equation. Well documented stuff,as I mentioned.

I was thinking of picking up a second hand ohlins off ebay when one pops up again but thanks for the advice, yes, I've heard something about the linkage too. I will check out these forums!

GSXR1000 and ZX12 shocks will fit with only the hole for the bolt needing drilling out another mm or so. i think the ZX12 shock is the more popular one.

Yes you need a different linkage. we put a kyle linkage on ours and it transformed it. there are others about.

Can I ask where you got the kyle linkage from...I can't find anything related to it Which year GSXR1000's? I know they're decent shocks!

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