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05/02/2008 at 21:49

Now I've been very busy lately moving house a couple of times and not been here for ages but back in the good old days you could see who was logged on to the forum but I can't seem to see that list any more.

I have looked around to see if I'm doing anything stupid but can't see anything so now it's time to let someone show me what a silly boy I've been and why I can't see this list.

Thank you and apologies in advance. 

05/02/2008 at 21:53

I don't actually think there is one.

If there is then I haven't seen it.

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05/02/2008 at 22:08
Hairy Ben wrote (see)

I don't actually think there is one.

If there is then I haven't seen it.

Good grief, so I've not been lacking in the intelligence department.

That's a first.

Thank you HB.

05/02/2008 at 22:18
it is on their, 'to do' list though

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05/02/2008 at 22:30
venus wrote (see)
it is on their, 'to do' list though

...or rather it's on their 'ignore' list, as the fact that lots of people have requested this facility to be reinstated, and it hasn't, speaks volumes for the administrators of this site.

Also, where is the 'We've made some changes and would like your comments' thread that was a sticky at the top of 'General' until recently ?? - as that had a lot of requests for some  features to be put back onto this forum - which they've done nothing about !

Had a look in 'Oi Admin', then I looked in 'Site Feedback' and it's just not there !, so you wanker admins have deleted it !.

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