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Which song best fits your bike?

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Which song best fits your bike?

(If ya see what I mean?)

bat out of hell by meatloaf... simply coz of the way it gets ridden.or something by Bjork coz my bike is beautiful in a kinda bland looking kinda way.or when it had the race fairing 'Fuck the Police' by who i cant remember... but i think most people will agree that thats is the kind of impression the bike gave. lol

he ain't heavy,he's my zx7r! [oh yes he is bloody heavy]

Hmmmmm, Ticket to fly by Solid BaseI can Fly by ScorpiaCrash Landing by Dark UFO ?

CBR6DC wrote

or when it had the race fairing 'Fuck the Police' by who i cant remember...

Fuck Tha Police - NWA Niggaz with attitude

comfortably numb - pink floydcos i think it is comfortable now, in sad kinda way.

The times they are a-changin. Coz it's time for a change soon me thinks.

When going round Cadwell all I can hear is Firestarter by Prodigy.

When I'm riding it, I gotta feeling it sings Arsehole by Snuff:"What an arseholewhat a fucking wankerwhat a tosspota gobshitea fart in a jar"

Shaking all over Singles help dentists afford their BMW's!!All your fillings will, eventually fall out

'dancing queen' ABBAwith those shit Dunlops on

The chorus from Song Two.....wooo hoooo!

Shake Rattle & Roll

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round....

definitely 'Can I play with Mandness' by Iron Maiden for the KTM Duke.ZX7R- 'Living on the Edge' by Aerosmith, cos when i ride it i do exactly that!XL125- 'Wind up toy' By Alice Cooper...cos it doesnt move til u give it a good twist

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