When it rains, it pours.

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When it rains, it pours.

Wife's father was in hospital yesterday, six hour operation to remove 1/2 his stomach due to the doctors finding a huge tumour.  The daft thing is that his dad died of cancer of the bowel, so he has been having tests regularly and has also been saying to the doctors that he was not feeling well, so they call him a hypocondriac...  Along with the tumour, they removed a litre of pus and infection from the tumour and cyst.

So the kids and wife fly to Hungary for a week tomorrow and I have to find the money to pay for it all, and for the bathroom refurbishment that I've already booked and signed off.  When it rains it pours. Wish I could take time off, but with no leave left and not being able to take unpaid leave, it just cannot happen.  Also need to make sure she has "spending" money as her folks are broke and my wife will need to pay the doctors fees too.

He is in ICU and the doctors don't think he will leave there.  Very sad and upset and my wife is desparate to get there.  I had to live through finding out that my father had agressive prostate cancer (albeit caught in time) and my brother in a life threatening accident that left him quadraplegic, both times with me stuck here in the UK and them in South Africa.  

I can only hope that they can get to the hospital in time for her to say goodbye to him at the very least.  

Sorry to hear that mate. Keep your chin up, sounds like your wife will be needing your support.

you can only be there for her and the kids, a sad part of your life,feel for you,all the best A-I-S

Thanks people.  I'm not quite so down now and the wife is simply looking forwards to seeing her dad tomorrow.  I'm just hoping that they have a quiet journey and a good time over there, as well as can be expected any how.

very sad mate i feel for u and ur family as  others said be there for them and dig deep and come through it all as a family good luck with everything.

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