Whats the cheapest way to get more memory in this crate?

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01/05/2007 at 19:31
VIA K8M800/939 MoBo.. which has two 256 sticks fitted which PC wizard says is "DDR-SDRAM PC-2700 (166 MHz) - [DDR-333] ".. ive been googleing round and ive got confused now... i think the MoBo can only handle memory if both slots are filled? So maybe i cant just get a 1gig stick but have to get two 512's?

Is that right? If yes or no where do i get the cheapest memory possible?

sidecar jon, if you take my advice you are in deeper trouble than i thought.
01/05/2007 at 19:36
You can usually run DDR as single sticks unless you want to run in dual channel mode - then you need matched pairs. pcmemoryadvisor.com or something pretty similar is quite cheap although for memory that old, I'd try fleabay first.
01/05/2007 at 21:22
Not sure about the only running on one stick thing, although I can't see how that could be a problem..

But having a quick look on Dabs shows up PC3200 Non ECC DDR ram (which is what you want for that board) single sticks of 512Mb are only about £25 - £30 each. Thats bloody cheap in my book..

I've now got a shitty Toshiba laptop that I upgraded from 1Gb to 2Gb and I think its worth it (my desktop is now running on 4Gb) and I can't recommend throwing a few quid at it enough..

Rather than spend the time and hassle of just doubling the size you have in there, i'd personally go for 2 sticks of 1Gb (which is the max your board will take) as you'll only end up being tempted to do it anyway (if you're anything like me..)

This is the cheapest 1Gb sticks I can see that suit your system on Dabs, you may be able to find cheaper, but in my experience you get it mighty quick and they don't fuck about if it doesn't work for any reason..

Hope that helps

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02/05/2007 at 08:25
Ok dokey thanks for your replies...cheers

sidecar jon, if you take my advice you are in deeper trouble than i thought.
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