Wanking Injuries

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15/12/2001 at 12:43
Not exactly a wanking injury, but the oyher half gagged, then coughed and bit me todger, fcuk it hurt, drew blood and gave the ole man a bruising ring, then she said she'd kiss it better???

15/12/2001 at 12:49
hellonweelsuk wrote

Ever experienced a vibrator overheat???!!!
Did you smoke afterwards? Any afterglow?
17/12/2001 at 06:38
I dont need an excuse to smoke

Wilthshire Wuss#33
17/12/2001 at 06:44
ChopstickJim wrote

yep take em off, I dont want the birds to know Im married

Listen, Suzuki-boy, we know every Brit in Hong Kong is gay so don't try to shine us one that the birds you go out with are really birds

Sorry, didn't mean to give it away. And the Chinese girls look so much like Chinese men, don't they?

Sorry, Jim, I know how much you love China, the Chinese, and their goverment. :burp:

Real California Cheese is found between the legs of Real California Girls.

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