VD the Magazine needs a Comic

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VD the Magazine needs a Comic

Finally found a copy (in a motorway service station!) and have been flicking through it for a day or two.

One thing the magazine needs (imo) is a good comic.  Something to make people pick it up in the shop for a quick browse, then buy it cos they've spotted an article.  

 This is how most people got into BiKE magazine - pick it up to read the Ogri, buy it to read the article they spotted.

Which biking cartoons can you think of that  VD should try to get involved?

 If I knew how to  make a poll it would go something like this : 

Joe Bar : Plenty of copy, but would need (re)-translation

Fred Gassit : Australian, and often slightly odd - but very funny.

Ogri:  already snaffled - but could Paul Sample be tempted away from EMAP?

Planet Ovlov - an MCN strip - but could be re-created?

Any other suggestions? Anyone know a good cartoonist?  I'm sure there's plenty of funny stories (both long and short) in the lives of VDers that could be converted into strips.

(I'm afraid I didn't like TWO's "Charlie Bikeman" series very much - the storyline was pants and personally I don't like Mockett's artwork very much, sorry Mockett!  - was it Mockett who did that one?? )

i think we would all like to see fjsrider the comic.

I find James Whitham in Visordown funny....or  what about grabbing nude motorcycle girl from viz

John Mockett still does stuff for us and the other comic strips you mentioned are all tied in with other mags - as far as I know. I'll look into it.

Bring back tina tailpipe ex of superbike in the 80s lol

They already have the ultimate comic…  the joker who redesigned this site!

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