Riding with tendon damage to arm

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Riding with tendon damage to arm


Has anyone suffered from severe tennis elbow and did it affect their ability to ride a motorcycle? I have been told I have tendon damage to my right arm.Every time I go out on the GS 1200 the elbow becomes painful working the throttle and front brake.The next day my arm is very painful.It has been like this for 7 weeks.Is there anyone out there who had a similar problem and how long did it take for the tendon damage to heal. My tour of the west coast of Scotland in May looks like it`s over before it starts.Your advice would be appreciated.

Hi Mikeey, oh yeah, about ten or twelve years ago I had the same problem with my left elbow ,after having a row with my GP about a solution(he wanted to give me a cortisone injection but as i am a self employed joiner i wanted to see a specialist to effect a permanent cure, so he explained to me what had happened to cause the problem in the first place and suggested that a specialist would probably administer the same injection,so i succumbed to the jab.My GP sat me on the couch and warned me that it was going to be pain full,he also said the elbow was so bad that he was going to administer a treble dose and it was to be a one off,his instruction was that i may scream, shout or swear but i was not to move as the needle was liable to snap if i moved my arm.He was bang on it hurt like hell,but was nothing to the pain i experienced about an hour later. when my wife landed home i told her to ring the GP and get some pain killers, he must have known what i was suffering because he phoned through to the pharmacy and prescribed Pethadine , I spent the next two days floating about.I nursed the elbow for a couple of weeks and has been as good as new since. I have also had two of these injections in an injured shoulder but these were administered with a pain killer mixed in and were not as successful Make sure you talk to your GP.Good luck and best wishes mate.

Hi Sav Man,Thanks for letting me know about your experience.Glad to see there is light at the end of the tunnel.The cortisone injection has been mentioned but I thought this was just like taking a painkiller to mask the pain.Glad to see it can actually resolve the problem.I kept thinking it would get better on it`s own but now realise physio is important to stretch the tendon as it heals.That and the fact I`m getting older and every injury seems to take ten times longer to mend.Glad it sorted your problem out. Cheers.

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