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R1 2000 Buyers guide

Hi all,

I have the opportunity to pick up an R1 2000/x reg on friday. looking forward to it, I have spent the last hour looking for good buyers guide online without much success. I wonder if anyone either knows of a good link or can give me some advice beyond kicking tyres and holding ones chin with the odd nod


Well, got a 2000 registered 99 model myself so I would make sure its actually the 2000 model and not an older one, not a huge difference between the two but I gather the later one is a bit stronger gearbox wise and a bit more power plus a bit lighter, though what was the dogs danglies five years ago is way behind the 04 bike I rode a while back, I only keep mine because its mint, low miles and fun to ride, the only things specific to this model R1 to check are the gearbox and the headstock, ie it hasn't been knocked oval by hard wheelie landings, obviously the rest needs checking as with any older bike, and I wouldn't touch any bike that wasn't pretty much standard, perhaps with the exception of any ohlins kit. :burnout:

I'm pretty sure RiDE's done a Buyer's Guide. If you're interested, I could dig it out for you.

pauly wrote

what was the dogs danglies five years ago is way behind the 04 bike

Really that much of a difference?

Cheers for that Admin, I had a call from a biker buddy today whom has owned more than his fair share of R1's. He's comming with me said he had Friday afternoon off, with no where to go. Confidence is brimming now i can do the kick tyres hold chin thing whilst he strips the bike down Anyway i have not been on a bike for over a year so must keep my responces measured, without a some calming influence on me in i am likely to turn up give the bike a glancing look hand cash over and ride into the sunset. My farther always told me "Son your dick has always ruled your head" now i know what he means

Dont thank me then, hope you buy it and 2nd gear explodes on the way home. :burnout:

brownie, the 04 seemed a lot easier to ride very fast, it felt more planted on the road, I almost bought one but the only thing that put me off was the bottom end didn't feel as strong as the older bike, I may buy the kwak now, seems like its more fun than the other new bikes.

pauly work related stress, i am in thr process of kicking my managers balls at the mo Tis your post that forced me to seek friend. gearbox issues etc are best found from someone whom knows how to generate them.. So a special thanks to you, for the input

ok piston thanks acknowledged, if the one you're looking at is no good you can buy mine lol.

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