Quiet helmets???

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07/05/2002 at 20:26
Anyone know of one. I've got an OGK Aeroblade which is a tad noisy and NEED a quieter lid.

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07/05/2002 at 20:34
the full faced Roof helmet is not bad

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07/05/2002 at 21:07
Admin wrote

Aeroblade...tad noisy?

Thats like saying La Penn is slightly intolerant of other races

Try ear plugs, honeslty I use them for the OGK and it works. Earplugs don't however stop the draft coming in through every vent, gap or join!!

Always wear them, god knows what it would be like without, but still get a lot of wind noise.

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07/05/2002 at 22:01
Craft RX5 is dead quiet because the cheek pads also cover part of your ear.

Which is nice.

08/05/2002 at 00:23
AGVs tend to be quite quiet. Depends on how well the lid fits too.
08/05/2002 at 00:56
Mine................it hasn't seen pussy in about a month

08/05/2002 at 07:25
My Arai RX7 is very quiet once I've put my MTM earplugs in...

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08/05/2002 at 07:53
Try the new Cromwell Vector. Very quiet, doesn't mist up, really superb lid for just over £200. Highly recommended.
08/05/2002 at 08:08
Dont buy a Nolan helmet. Even with super absorbent jam rags used for ear plugs its still like a tornado crashing around your head. I bought the right size helmet too before anyone accuses me of not having a good fitting helmet.

Going to try that new roof helmet I think. Heard good things about it plus I always wanted to look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun

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