online Arai retailers?

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online Arai retailers?

just wondering where the best deals are to found?


the visor shop has £100 off Astro Rs

or maybe a bike show?

Infinity normally have decent deals going...not sure of the url though.

That's one thing I'll never buy online - a helmet. Tried on several make of the same sized lid. The Arai was too loose and a Caberg had awfull stitches pressing into my forehead. I, amazingly, found a Nitro lid the comfiest!Based on the difficulties I had in person, I'd never buy a helmet online, I'd end up trying to return most of what I'd buy!

fair point, but I've had a few medium Arais now so I know my size.When's the next bike show?

Don't come back moaning when there are no local bike shops left...

Try these guys - Gearchange Online - online is great if you know that the lid type and size fit you. Once you know that, you can buy them from anywhere.

Ive Just bought an Arai Astro R Reynold Rep from these people - £100 off the RRP Excellent service too

Olly wrote

Don't come back moaning when there are no local bike shops left...

if local retailers embraced the web and thought about what makes a successful business in 2006 then they may well set up a website and respond to the needs of the market. Nothing stopping them.Online retailing is here to stay. You can either accept this or do something else.

I got a brand new Arai RX7 Corsair in Edwards colours from J&S through Ebay for £310 delivered £200 of RRP :smoke:Good service, would deffo recommend them

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