Mini Moto clubs for kids?????

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Mini Moto clubs for kids?????

I think its time i got my little boy who's 7,  into a club, he's been riding mini moto's for a while and is pretty useful on one, mainly riding car parks, etc, would like to get him into it properly like joining a club and doing a bit of track riding,

Anyone know of any clubs he could join in essex or kent???


Hi,Lakeside Karting run minimoto sessions, also Lydd Raceway in Lydd Kent run minimoto trackdays every Tuesday and some Saturdays.Have a look on this webiste, but DO NOT mention riding in Car Parks if you go to the where to ride section you will find all you need.If your interested I have a nearly new GP3 rep, with cosmetic damage only I still have the bodywork(needs screen and right nose cone corner), PM me and I will send you some pics only looking for £150.All the best Grant 

You could contact your local Youth Service. They should know what's available for kids in your area.

Stgeorge, you have pm

i have i mini moto round the wrexham area and there is nowhere to go on it

I am not a kid and I have no kid!

Hi i`m looking to get my son into minimoto racing but don`t know where to ride, or if i`m honest with you nothing about the sport. Can someone please offer me some guidance and advice. Mane Martyn located in Lancashire

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