Manx Senior GP: Goodall succumbs to injuries

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Manx Senior GP: Goodall succumbs to injuries

RIP John!!! Although I only got the opportunity to meet him once he was a lovely man and will be remembered always. It has been a big shock to everyone especially his family. His spirit will live on in those who loved him and we will be sure to tell our Son (Johns Great Grandson) all about him. We treasure that they got to meet eachother all are holding onto the fact he died doing something he loved.

A better way to go than lying waiting on some awful cancer eating you from the inside out.Respect to the man and condolences to his family.

r.i.p john condolences to his family

Rest in Peace Uncle John, everyone says you died doing the thing that you loved, everyone is going to miss you, Dad especially we'll be thinking about you x x x x

R.I.P John and condolences to all family and friends.

RIP John,You will be greatly missed by many. Condolences to the family

Is it helpful to speculate or post unverified information about the cause (byline)?  Conditions earlier in the day had been wet, and areas under the trees still would have been.  Wet patches make for treacherous conditions (I speak from experience BTW).Better to simply pay our respects to a great racer and a true gentleman than to repeat "alleged" rumours.  Thank you.

hungry (not verified)

R.I.P John,

RIP John.  My thoughts and best wishes to the family and friends of this wonderful man.Don't forget to do a stoppie as you get to the gates and a wheelie as you are waved through.


I was there and was oil.....

I first met John in the very late seventies when i first started racing with NGMCC.He was the nicest and quitest,most polite person i have ever met.He rode the wheels off that Matchless,not a knee stuck out anywhere and both wheels always in line,with his head glued to the tank.He would just clear off into the distance leaving the "new fangled" multi cylinder bikes in his dust !His Matchless wasnt the quickest thing on the track,he just never shut off for the corners and carried so much speed through that by the time you had exited the corner he was already halfway down the next straight !A huge talent that will be greatly missed by all,Rest In Peace John Goodall.Steve Bateman

I have every admiration for John he was still racing the TT circuit at 67at high speed. I still ride at 68 years but I have not got the guts to ride faster than 70/75 on a straight motorway.I salute you sir.Tony beard 

It is so sad to hear of the loss of a gentleman like you John, ride safe for evermore.  R.I.P. all owr thought are with your family.Peter Welding 

John's funeral will take place at Bletherston, Clarbeston Road, Haverfordwest SA63 4SF at 2pm

On Saturday 13th September

God speed to a great gentleman.

John thank you for teaching me a fraction of what you know on the race track. You were such a lovely bloke to be with. I was so proud of you in the RAF - what an example of human diginity and understatement. I'll never forget the flasher's mac in the rain!!
God bless Rose - I am grieving for you sweetheart.
God bless you John.........

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