Maddest baddest crash ever

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Maddest baddest crash ever

I have just found this. Apologies if anyone has posted it already.
The file is about 588k. It really is worth it.

Had to watch that one twice

linny67m wrote

Had to watch that one twice

Me too. Wow

Bet that hurt.

Talk about riding like a twat, you can just imagine what the guy on the monkey was thinking........................OH SH#T!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooooo wasn't his day woz it


I can't work out what the hell is going on there, there are bikes on both sides of the road heading towards each other with 100s of spectators Was it a mass game of chicken or something

The bloke who used the 1st one as a ramp to hit the 2nd man takes the award .......He only had jeans and a t shirt on......Nice........

Looks like a normal crusing type road thing untill the loon decides he prefers to run on the wrong side of the road

Download it now you won't be dissapointed

Wahey, footage from this weekends VD rideout

That looks a bit sore. I agree about the guy on the monkey bike, top bit of ramp action, shame he hasn't mastered the bunny hop so he could avoid the second obstacle.

Made me laugh. Mr fucking Bean could not have done better

linny67m wrote

Had to watch that one twice

Me threeooooooooooccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhh

I feel sorry for the dude who got the wheel in his stomach.

I dont think he wanted to do that

If you stil havn't down loaded this you should.

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