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KTM in the USA

Hey all, Anyone know what the future of KTM in the US is? I moved to the USA at the end of last year. I was looking at buying a Super Duke, and I've seen a new 2008 advertised at $10,500 at my dealer. However, there are no 2009 Super Dukes in the US as KTM didn't send any due to lack of demand (?????). Also at the end of this month all the unsold RC8s are going to be sent back to Europe as no one is buying them. This all seems a bit worrying and I don't know if I should be buying one here right now. I don't think that this affects the off-road and competition side of KTM which is still strong here. But KTM road bikes just don't seem to sell well in the land of the lardy cruiser. Anyone know any more?

It’s been quiet for all motorcycle dealers this year and the Americans are just not buying anything unless it has 'made in USA' stamped on it. In May I was offered a 'Pre Owned' '07 XL 1200C Sportster with extras at Javelina Harley for $7699 that’s about 2K less than it should have been. For a relatively small firm like KTM I think they will have really struggled. It doesn’t follow that the spare parts side of things has gone downhill but it may be worth chatting about availability and lead times with them. I found most of them are quite open and honest about stuff which was a refreshing change to my experiences with UK dealers.

Thanks for that. I was worried about the spares issue. Nothing on eBay either for KTM stuff. I think that the price of $10,499 (plus tax) is pretty good. I might be able to get a bit more off that at the end of the month. Plus KTM are giving away a load of extras with it. I think that they are clearing out their parts bin. Not sure what KTM stopping importing road bikes will do to the re-sale price though? Could go either way i guess?

Have look here KTMGive them a ring and have a chat with Cory. They might be able to give you the info you need regarding the availability of road bike spares. I'm sure they will point you in the right direction if they don't know.How far from North Dakota are you ? 

Looks a good site. Thanks.

  Having visited a few US biker forums, KTM seem to have a rather poor reputation in the US due to what appears to be numerous reliability issues and warranty problems.  I wouldn't expect them to last much longer over there due to the litigious nature of the inhabitants of that culture, and it’s propensity to take legal action.      

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