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14/11/2003 at 14:28
Yorick wrote

Coming through town just now, I had to stop at a red light. A copper in a car, pulled up in the right lane, to go straight ahead also. He kept inching forward (as cars do) in readiness for lights changing.
Lights change and I set off as normal, and once I hit the 40mph speed limit I maintained that speed. But copper just had to overtake me , but I saw the next set of lights was at red also
Same tale again once they changed to green and he broke speed limit to pass me
At the next set of lights, I should have turned left, but was having so much fun, I had to bait him again

I don't suppose I would have done this if the bike hadn't been 100% legal, but it does have advantages sometimes

Ever baited a copper ?

yep did a similar thing on the RS awhile back..baited from lights till 30 limit, then kept at that pace.....after a couple sets of lights I think they got pissed off, overtook and went through a red that had clearly been on for 3 secs......, hmm wonder what would of happened if I had done the same

14/11/2003 at 14:36
Yup, used to play around the A610, doing 130mph or overtaking in the oncomming lane in a 60 zone, used to pass oncomming cop cars who'd alert their mates at the other end and I always managed to get through the roundabout first. Then off onto 140/150 along the A610 towards cindehill, copper passes me in the opposite direction, I spin round at the island and shoot off, again passing the coppers as they head the other way. Stopped doing that stuff now as I have grown up a bit and there's noway I'd be laughing if they called out the helicopter

The pands cars are the best though, they just cannot travel at the speed limits so i always get infront and keep to the left a bit a bit like a moped to give the driver the sense of some space. If they go for an overtake I just speed up and move to the centre

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14/11/2003 at 14:45
but it does have advantages sometimes

What being legal.

Traffic don't like it, it never bothered me a bike is always going to be quicker away, but if I was at the speed limit and you crept by................get ready!

Did it the other week on the A61(dual carriageway) out of Sheffield 30mph limit, blew him away from a set of lights then the speed limit to the next junction in the left lane, overtake by the beat car a quick bit of filtering to the front and same again.

It's a game I play all the time with cage drivers. It's the only thing that makes driving bang on the speed limit fun.
14/11/2003 at 14:53
Oh yes!

The best one I remember was back in the late seventies when I was riding about on an A10 chop/cafe racer hybrid.

(For the youth amongst us it was a pre-unit 650cc BSA, which I bought as a chopper & converted to a cafe racer from the front end backwards. Yes, I was eccentric then too....It has nothing to do with senility! )

I was riding into town & a bike cop started to follow me. I took an alternative route to check & sure enough he was following. I turned into a multi storey car park & counted after the barrier went up, and just parked up in time to see the barrier come down right across the cop's fairing. Nearly knocked him over!

I immediately seized the initiative as he was struggling to regain his dignity / authority......

'You need to be careful with that barrier, it has nearly done that to me before now!......Oh, ....Were you wanting something?'

'Erm...yeah...Your brake light was flashing on & off '

The brake light switches on the old Brits were a sort of generic crap spring loaded effort which even when they did work were prone to flash on & off when going over bumps. So I gave the cop a demo of how crap they were & he beat a hasty retreat.

I was bloody lucky really...Given what i was riding around on at the time!

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14/11/2003 at 14:55
Yorick wrote

Yup, I had standard can on and a clear visor, so giving him no reasons to pull me

pah, your leathers should be an arrestable offence
14/11/2003 at 15:04
Yorick wrote

Nowt wrong with my leathers

other than what they contain.
14/11/2003 at 15:12
Yorick wrote

Nowt wrong with my leathers

oh allright then smartypants, anyone within a 100 ft of your leathers should be given sunglasses. clear as mud now?

LOL at K100
14/11/2003 at 15:27
Yorick wrote

They are just bright & beautiful

unlike their owner then
14/11/2003 at 15:27
I remember ages ago, might of been a trip to the bike show a few years ago, we were in the car, howling down the M6, came into some road works, sat along side a copper, went back to 70, dropped the car a cog or two, and howled off, he gave chase, levelled off at 70, he pulls along side....

Next set of road works, exactly the same, happened for about 5 miles or so !!!

So it goes kerplunk, kerplunk, kerplunk, kerching, kerplunk..... but when she starts
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