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Can anyone else HPI on here except Yodi? need one doing asap.

not worthe the paper its printed on

o.k. a copper then for a PNC check?

Test it for a fast test drive past a gatso.  If the owner comes chasing then it's legit

RichH wrote (see)

Can anyone else HPI on here except Yodi? need one doing asap.

Go on the RAC site..They do it online for £5Google RAC HPI and its the 1st one it gives ya.

Will it say who the reg keeper is?

No.HPI dont tell you that.You need a copper

Any copper want to earn a pint?

it's against the law for coppers to do that, iirc

No bike check or copper will check one for you because Hpi etc only have annonymised data which means they know the number of owners but not who they are.

A copper won't do it because he would lose his job because he would be breaking the law.

If you need to check a bike you can do it free at http://www.carcheckuk.co.uk if you do a trial of Netflix or Experian credit report etcT

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