How rude ARE the Bulgarians ?

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05/01/2013 at 17:40

probably I can help here been Bulgarian myself, generally the way you behave you receive the appropriate service.

For example in some resort historically there has been long line of british on benefits coming on holiday which has been paid by UK social services - unfortunately when that kind of people go on holiday it is non stop bing drinking and really rude attitude so they receive exactly what they have been saking for as a service.

Having said that in other resorts we have perfectly fine UK families which receive very good service

Probably it will wise to try get a resort in private and make sure you do not end up in option 1 surrounded by brit binge drinkers.

You can have a very pleasent holiday in Bulgaria in fact for some reason most bulgarians give better service to foreign tourists than to native as myself.

Other thing to bear in mind is some thing are not exactly rudeness. For example I am leaving long time in UK consider rude the way I have been treated in German food superstores: after you pay cashier does not wait for you to pack your food, just starts throwing next customer's stuff - this is not considered rude in Germany - this is just effective german way of doing things faster. In some respect you can see the same hapenning in Bulgaria.

This is just the way the things happen there, not exactly the slow and very pollite UK way.

Lat but not least avoid overcrowded resorts like Sunny Beach - they have been overbuild lately with too many new hotels for same beach.

I myself prefer small but luxury resorts on the south of Bourgas like Duni Royal resort:

Also the camping sites and beaches on the south of Bourags are way better.



05/01/2013 at 21:09

Thanks Val - I'd like it if you didnt attack people on benefits. You sound just like the arseholes who attack immigrants.

06/01/2013 at 16:49

sorry swinefever I take my words back, on second read that does sounded assholish, I am sure there are plenty of nice people on benefits, I meant the binge drinking ones only

I've been doing all kinds of job in my life starting from working as janitor and ending as university job and met all kinds of people and you can find assholes in all walks of life  you can be sure I am the last person that can be brainwashed by Daily mail style propaganda.

Anyway it is good idea if you go to Bulgaria try to avoid big ressorts, there are plenty of good and not very overcrowded places in the south near Turkish border, not to mention the weather and the beaches are way better there...

06/01/2013 at 19:28

I am quite happy about Bulgaria having been there on the bike on my way to Turkey. I am glad you dont want to be one of those rats who like to kick people who are out of a job. I hate the Daily Mail types, actually. Dumb bastards who repeat Daily Mail shite - which also hates people like you.Dont ever forget it.

There are plenty of people who are on benefits which they have paid for in their working lives, as I have. If I lose my job I want the benefits I paid for as insurance when I was working. Tories always attack people on benefits - remember the Tory Govt is all millionaires, who protect the banks who are robbing us.


I was sad to see you, as an immigrant , attack other people. You'll be next, I can tell you.

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