Helmets (again)

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Helmets (again)

My Shoei (XR800?) was getting bit on the pongy side. No mushrooms yet, but definitely on the wrong side of "pleasant". Time for a clean, methought. So, I got a little aerosol tinny of Carburol Helmet Sanitiser, and guess what? It does exactly what it says on the tin.

One application: spray on, foams up, wipe off, leave to dry. Very nice and fresh (smells peachy). But the amazing thing (to my simple little mind anyway!) is that all the padding has been rejuvinated. The helmet is snug, tight, very comfortable, and probably fits tighter and better than it did when new.

I would HIGHLY recommend this Carburol stuff!

A simple spray that makes your helmet a snugger fit. Now thats worth buying!

<some sort of nob gag about dick cheese>

perhaps it was the fumes from the spray that are head swelling.

Definitely try it m8! Only downside was that I'd to leave my lid upside down overnight to dry properly, but very well worth it.

Where can i get hold of some? Is it a mail order thing or is it available at motorcycle shops?

... baby shampoo in mine. Worked a treat, and cost nothing (we had some already).

Take yer helmet into the shower, wash yer hair leave the shampoo on yer head all foamy like then put on yer lid.... WHAAALAAA two jobs in one go.

then stick your head down the bog and flush it to rinse?

Wash yer hair Yer dirty scumbags

I wash mine once a month, whether it needs it or not!

Great tip but you forgot to mention an important safety issue.....Remove helmet from wet shampooed hair within 3 mins. Otherwise there is a possibility your head will actually bond to the helmet as dry soap is quite sticky and icky as i have just discovered.......Anyone got a tin opener......?Hello can anyone hear me? Can anyone help me please. I appear to have my head stuck. Anyone.......Hey can you help....pleeeeease.Hello? Hello? Is anyone there.Bugger.

or pour a mixture of shampoo, wd40 and lemon zest into your helmet, place apon your head tilt your head plus helmet to an angle of 75 deg, fill with water to a temp of 65 deg C, run about the room for 35 mins and then collapse...

won't wd40 attack your helmet?

Ah WD40the missing linkFree at last

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