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Hein Gericke Customer Service

For all those struggling to get through to Hein Gericke's seemingly nonexistent Customer Services, I have finally discovered a phone line that is answered!

Having sent several emails, and receiving no replys or even acknowlegement of their receipt, and listening over and over to the recording telling me to call back within office hours even though I already am, I found the direct line to their HQ in Harrogate.

Call 01423 873070 and you will be given several options. At first I selected option 1; Existing Orders, but that got no answer. 2nd time however, and option 2; Customer Services, got a swift response and I finally had my problems resolved.

Forget the 0800 165165 number they want you to call. Call 01423 873070, and you should get an answer.

Hello all readers of the above post. On behalf of Hein Gericke I would like to apologise to any callers who have been unable to contact us on our Freephone 0800 165165 number. Last week we had a new telephone system installed at our UK Head Office in Harrogate and we regret to say that we had a few teething problems and required assistance from the installers of the new system to make some configuration changes. The 0800 165165 number is now up and running and we are receiving your calls. However, due to the overwhelming success of our recent Jubilee Promotion we are very busy, so for the next few days you may have a problem getting through to our Customer Services Team as they endeavour to deal with a small backlog of Customer Queries etc. I would suggest that any callers should try our Freephone 0800 165165 number first as the call is free. However, if you don’t get through at your first attempt please call the 01423 873070 number where other staff can take your call. I would like to thank all our customers for their patience and their continued support.

Having tried repeatedly to get in touch with Hein Gericke by email and phone for the last 5 days I can state the service has not improved at all. They don't answer emails and the free phone number doesn't work.  I phoned my local branch and was given a number that isn't answered as well. Until I found the information above I didn't know what to do next.  This is my first dealing with Hein Gericke and going by their current performance more than likely it's my last.

having ordered almost 2 weeks ago and had no contact or reply  to several emails, messages on the contact form through the site, which interestingly has been giving me random names & email addresses for a week (presumably other customers who have used it...!) I have been phoning all morning and being cut off after pressing each option to try and speak to someone, I then did get an answer and it cut me off again!! I've opened a paypal dispute on this in the hope they may answer my question re: when to expect my delivery but still nothing!! I've always been happy with service in the shops and clearly should have stuck with them!

d223344, it's probably worth giving your local Hein Gericke store a call, as the online orders are sent from Harrogate to them, and then they send it on to the customer. If they haven't received it, then I doubt it's been sent out. If you don't have any luck with the store, and still can't get through on either number, send Alan Priest (see 2nd comment) a message. He might be able to look into it. Good luck. It seems that you need it when dealing with HG!  

Hi Tom, thanks for that - luckily i managed to speak to Alan yesterday after many many attempts at calling and he got it sorted, received my order this morning! turned out it had been sat at my local store waiting for collection for a few days (Had i known I would have gone to collect it to save waiting!) it seems Alan is the man to speak to

I have had a similar experience this week. customer service number doesn't get answered & no reply to e-mail. The 01423 873070 works and I spoke to Ross.marchant@hein-gericke.co.uk who seemed helpful. They're claiming stock problems at the moment and that they have to order in from Germany... 

Have emailed several times & even tried facebook messages and had no response, also been phoning the 0800 number for 2 days and never got through to anyone, just remembered this thread, tried the 01423 number and got straight through to Alan!

Hi has any body recently got through to hein-gericke customer service as they seem to have disapeared, no know numbers working and Ive still not received an order from7th Dec even with 3 emails submitted. Utter rubbish. Any joy anyone?

Hi, I have a quick query I was hoping some of you might be able to help with!I have found in my house a Hein Gericke branded item that me or any of my family can figure out what it is or what it might be used for!It is a small silver tube approx 2'' long and 1'' diameter, with an inner tube that slides out and has a slight opening on the inner tube. You can twist the top of it with the options to: dust, lock & open. Some of our guesses have involved ear bud holder but still unsure!  Thanks for taking a look at this post!

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