Hayabusas and ZZR1400's can't corner

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Hayabusas and ZZR1400's can't corner

Well I'm now 18,700 miles under my belt on my Busa.... I recall 4 years ago being told right here on this forum I'd kill myself, tear off chains and sprockets, shred tyres... and of course the old chestnut - Busas don't handle - said by many riders who basically never had the bottle or acquired skill to actually tame a hyper sports bike.

Hyper bikes don't handle? Here's a ZZR 1400 turning on a pin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EchPDfdUmGs&feature=related
Well. The original factory chain and sprockets were replaced at 18,500 miles - not because they were worn out - but to fit longer renthal gearing to push the 200 mph and just to be sure with the chain. Isn't it amazing what chain drive lube can do.

4 sets of tyres if we include those it left the factory with (would have only been 3 sets had it not been for the punctures)

WOT throttle to redline in every gear many many times with the limiter removed in all gears. Never flipped up. Amazing what leaning forward and controlling the bike achieves. Been off the clocks on runways through 180mph+ timing traps, autobahns and of course never in the UK on public roads The highlight was riding from the Alps to the sea and all down the Italian/French/Spanish Riviera. The 1200 mile in 24hrs dash back to UK soil was staggering too.

I'm really glad I bought this bike.

To anyone considering buying a hyper bike - remember - don't listen to the girls who try and tell you why not to be brave whilst their period seeps into their knickers... just go and fucking do it.

mate got one ,scared the shit out himself every time he went out.now its been in his shed for 1and a half yrs.excellent

that is some great footage, just shows what a decent rider can do, and am glad you're enjoying the 'Busa. My mate got one, mainly as he's 6'6" and 18 stone and it was the thing that fit him best, he handles it well though. Not as good as the dude in that clip, like, but he rides it well. I had a go and enjoyed it, not as flickable as my Tuono but it went where I wanted. And the accelaraton . . . . .  . .     .  my god the acceleration

Ridden my mates Bussa and liked it, only the cramped leg position was a downer.Personally think its pig ugly but that just me.However, 18k on 3 sets of tyres.....sorry that just dont go with how you say you ride it...Never had more than 3k from a rear on numerous bikes and tyre combinations, Blade, GSXR, 955i or TL (that bugger used to rip the rear to bits)Agree with your assertion not to listen to bullshit form others though....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7fVF53He1k&feature=PlayList&p=9956A7CD01C00C92&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PERJTHu1Od0&feature=relatedDoes that mean you think large Harleys handle well too?And I have to agree, to wear out only 3 sets of tires in 18.5k you must ride like a fanny .

apparently  6k miles out of a rear??????????? on a Busa?????????????????????????

To top it all off, they cost you your bum cherry for a service .

Cant understand why you would listen to a forum before choosing your bike. Personally, I cant see what the fuss is about. Its not really about the bike is it? 9/10 I kick butt on my TL1000S, but I dont think anyone here is going to say its the best bike in the world...except me at any rate.

Can anyone else smell it ?????????

My K1200GT does that type of tyre mileage and I do most of it two up pottering about with the wife on the back.

yawn. ok so maybe it was 5 sets, but would have been 4 if nor for punctures.

1st set of tyres BT 56 lasted 5K. I commuted 45 miles each way on the dual carriage way and rode at weekends. So most of this mileage is commuting.

2nd set lasted til 8.5K as I comuuted on a RRV blade instead, so more weekend riding - BT56 right to the white fabric strips which meant I missed the Isle of Skye leg of a Scottish trip with mates to get a replacement.

3rd set I ended up settling with a (I think) BT014 on the rear as I was touring Scotland at the time and they didn't have a BT56.

This tyre actually lasted longer than the BT56, it had a more severe racing profile and the bike handled better. This wasn't changed until 15K miles and was flattened right off in Europe riding to Augsburg via Czech Rep.

4th set, @ 15K back to BT56 fitted in Augsburg whilst the bike was serviced at Suzuki dealer.

Punctures in Cornwall at 18K ish, tyres had 1K miles left in them.

Still on 5th set. Now at 19800 miles.

Sorry but I simply do not believe that you are riding it in the way you suggest.To get that sort of mileage out of a chain and sprocket set and tyre's you must be riding it like an old Granny.I think the one spouting the bravado and bull shit is you.I had a Busa when they first came out, and had to sell it because I was wearing through rear tyres every 2,500 miles and fronts soon after.You're full of crap I'm afraid.

they steer but with hose big tourers they have enough power which helps rear wheel steering so accelerte through the corners and you'll a) achieve silly speeds, b) steer quicker, c) commit hari cari into a cage lol.

Busa I had would eat tyres at an alarming rate ... 3k would be impossible if your hooning around on it like a hooligan .... I killed them at less the 2k so it had to go ....gixer1000 street wasnt a lot better really .... all 150 hp + bikes ridden hard will eat the black stuff Thinking of supermotoring now as its getting a tad expensive for rubber alone 

If you can get 3k out of a busa then your still taking your time .. ripped mine to bits in just less than 2k .... nie on the same on a gsxr1000 street ....My busa was a street style and steered well...I never had a problem keeping up with other bikes and I have had more scares on my fazer 1000 than the busa handling wise  seriously thinking of going down the supermoto route as a cost saver .... might save my licence too ... or even a lowly cb500 they seem to tool on in the twisties and given  the right gear change can be a fun bike 

Paulus fuck off you fucking juvenile plebian cunt

(if you ever had one) You had your Busa 5 minutes and had to sell it because you're rode it like an arsehole, you're a pussy and probably have a job a woman can do. No doubt you're a weekend warrior knob.

You miss my point because you're a cunt. You were too hard on your Busa and couldn't afford to run one..... I'm saying no such thing. I'm saying it's just a normal motorbike, and I'm saying the hype is bullshit. I'm saying ride it properly, treat it well, tour on it, commute on it, take it for some fast days out and it'll do it all.

The power is there if you need it, doesn't mean you have to go everywhere at 11K rpm.

When did I say I rode it around like it was stolen trying to
break it and trying to rip components apart? Why would I do that?

Touring Scottoiler under seat since it was new.

I'm not even gonna rise to the shite. You have no experience of clocking up 20K miles on a busa, paid for, owned, serviced and maintained from new for 4 years.

I didn't scream past the Maccy D car park like you shredding tyres - I rode my bike properly. which is why I still have it.

Blah blah blah

I can't see a problem with the claims.They reckoned on 10,000 miles from a rear Pirelli Angel ST - proven in their endurance testing thingy and now stamped into the side of every tyre. So real-world hooning it should easily give half that.

Tynediver - the 990 SMT is maybe up your street? A lot of bike deserves a lot of respect.

Maybe you need a SV650 and learn how to back off the throttle

2K from a tyre? when were you riding it? just at weekends, letting rip? I don't do that. I used it to tour, that's what it is, a hypertourer, and quite a spot of commuting, mixed with some weekend and midweek blasts. I don't have one riding style - flat out like a twat everywhere. I have respect for my machines.

Why is this not making any sense?

I'll say it again - the Busa is a good allrounder, the hype image of it needing to go everywhere ripping off sprockets is bullshit, bravado and shows no control over the machine. Hence folk 'claiming' to have owned one and had to sell due to high costs from improper use. Hence folk who say it doesn't corner have pummelled into one and can't control the machine because they don't understand its ability or nor have they practiced correctly how to get the best from it.

Anyone riding a busa / gixxer the way you have described is OBVIOUSLY going to incur costs because riding like that is... well... a bit silly really and Bravado

Taking my time? Sorry I didn't ride like a pillock and rip the bike to pieces the last 20K mile and didn't need any vlave adjustments.

But I did cover 1269 miles in under 24 hours, through 5 european countries including several ciggy breaks, several fuel stops, a 2hr ferry delay, a ferry crossing, 3 stops to eat, 2 hours asleep on a verge. With the bike laden like this;

I did take it Elvington and Woodbridge on occasions to top it.

I did live in the borders and rode all over the Northumberland twisties (and if you are Tyne based, you will know the condition of lots of these roads - very poor and bumpy and hard slog on a heavy busa)

It's a shame you couldn't do this because you didn't learn how to ride it properly.

The only bike I'd replace it with is the mighty ZZR. Another beast to tame.

I got me a ZZR1100-c a couple of months ago, after passing my test last october. Its an awesome bike, lovely and kitten like round town and enough acceleration to make my ring quiver like a nerd accountant in a bald bastards jail cell on weekends. No bike is a killer or licence loser if you ride it appropriately. 

I've just done 3000 miles thru the states on an R1, didn't touch a freeway for than 100 miles. I was giving it large mittfulls at times. Pilot power Roads. There's still a good 1000 mile left on, maybe more. . . . so I refute my earlier post

Found this thread while looking for opinions on what to swap my ZZR1400 tyres to, interesting reading. If you fancy swapping your busa to the mighty zzr go for it, though 1269 miles will make your backside more numb than the worst dead leg you've ever had! Otherwise the machine is awesome!

Stop screaming and keep riding lads  Tyres personal choice like ride it self. Those bikes both great. Drove my mates Busa, had old ZZR11 but over revved and it died.. Looking forward to get new ZZR14. Tyres can be only compared if it is exactly the same model. Honestly from my different biking experience. I killed one set of tyres quickest thrum 2400miles (summer). The longest nearly 8000miles (winter). In both cases is DUNLOP QUALIFIER. I run them at summer time 34psi. front 35psi rear and winter 36psi. 36psi.. Same tyres different conditions on stile and grip. Think lads, before biting each other heads off. Keep the rubber down, Best Regards    

Busa's and ZZR's can corner had a Busa in the early 2000's, 28k if I remember correctly.  I toured two up fully laden for about 16k of that and stayed well away from the motorways where ever possible, mountain roads and twists for me.  I loved the Busa then and still do.  Now own a 2013 ZZR1400, 12k to date,  I smile just thinking about this bike, it does everything well and most things extremely well including cornering.  As for tyres I don't remember exactly how many tyres on the Busa over those miles, however, I do remember the bike transforming for the better when I put Michelin Pilots on when I was caught out in France once.  As for the ZZR: 1.8k on the original B20 rear, about 3.2k on a B23 and about 3k from the next.  The B23's were great tyres but I change to the Bridgestone T30 at about 8k to try for more milage and I'm just coming to the end on that rear now about 500 M's remaining.  So estimate about 4.5k from the current B, T30 which I'm happy with.  They are the GT version as recommended by Bridgestone as the ZZR is classed as a heavier bike by them, well by the guy I spoke to at Bridgestone before buying.  As for bullshit, well that usually came/comes from people who had/have never owned one of these bikes.  The bullshit usually went along the lines ...Busa's don't handle ... Most people I have ridden with say I.m the only guy they know that speeds up for corners, wet or dry, that's probably because I get bored shitless on the straights so slow down and not because I'm that fast on the corners. All I would say is that as far as I'm aware I hold my own and ride for the moment and not for the bullshit.  I had many bikes over the years and each one I remember for different reasons each having their individual characteristics, loved them all.  So as far as I'm concerned these bike can corner it's just that some owners can't corner on them.  Oh and I did buy a Harley once but then I woke up in a cold sweat, yes I was having a nightmare ... HD's ... never thanks.  

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