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fast bike mag

Anybody bougth this months with the video on it, whats the video like?

probably some nonce thrashing seven shades out of an R1 AGAIN, and riding like a twat around france, no doubt?

Got it and thought it was top. Wheelies, burnouts, stoppies a plenty (music is shite though). Its a freeby and you might pick up a few tips

how longs the video?

Hmm may be worth a trip to the shop at lunch time then

Bought a new magazine yesterday, called T.W.O (Two Wheels Only).Its got a free video as well, with some footage of the StarBoyz at Daytona Bike Week.Haven't had much of a chance to read the mag yet but it seems to cover a wider spread of the biking world (Sportsbikes, Tourers, cruisers, and even, eek, scooters).Nice bit about the origins of the Ducati 916 this month and next month

The superbike mag this month either............They should release some vids I think they would be a great laugh!Shall have to get a copy of Fat blokes....err sorry Fat bikes!!!

Tried two newsagents and neither of them have a copy of Fat blokes......So I've ended up with a couple of FAT BIRDS instead along with 40+ and just 18......Oh and a bar chocolate as well!!!So must go......have some tugging to do!!!!

bye bye to page 1!!!

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