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How do I get some collumns to stay still whilst I scroll across the rest of the page?


Get to the cell you want to start.Click on 'Window' then click on 'Freeze Panes'To undo it repeat the task and 'Freeze Panes' has changed to 'Unfreeze'SortedHTH

Click on Window followed by Split. Move the "Bars" to where u want em then Then Select "Window " followed by Freeze PanesThink thats what uu wanted.But Skids way is quicker - U live & learn

Tazzie, you have to select the cells and then FREEZE them ... I think it's either view, freeze or tools, freeze or something like that. Check in Excel Help ... I can't quite remember.ABF

That's the one - thank you very much chaps

ermfreeze panefuck , beaten to itwell I tried, I had to mess about opening the damn program, then its automatic for me (if you know what I mean)

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