Done for speeding....bummed :-(

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01/04/2009 at 22:22
Orb the Impaler wrote (see)
Huw wrote (see)
Sorry I was quoting the criteria for North Wales, assumed it to be nationwide.

North Wales! I'd have thought that in Brunstrom's Kingdom you would have been disembowelled and flogged for even the smallest infraction.

It was only a funny handshake that spared me!
02/04/2009 at 00:17
IlPrincipeBrutto wrote (see)
I got done for 34 in a 30 myself, and had to attend the speed awareness course (Northamptonshire rules). One useful advice they gave on the course was to enter 30 mph zones with a low gear, low enough that at 30 the engine will be revving a bit. Hearing the engine revving helps to get a feeling for the speed you are doing, and helps to keep it below or just above 30 without having to watch the speedo all the time. Also, if you keep too high a gear the engine feels like it wants to bog down, to which the obvious answer is to open the gas to go a bit faster, just the opposite of what you need. Personally, I have found the advice useful. Ride Safe,

panda 18 wrote (see)

Not sure if I understand what you mean Brutto, in one sentence you say keep in a low gear to help keep speed down but in another you say that being in a low gear encourages people to speed?


Sadly, if you troll around in low speed areas in too low a gear, the inititiated hear high revs and assume you must be speeding. But ultimately it's just a reflection that sports bikes are designed for racetracks, not public road. Nothing wrong with that of course, but with the pleasure owning a plastic fantastic, you must take the pain of feeling SOOO out of place doing 30, 40 or 50mph. Got my first 3 points last spring. Gutted. 

02/04/2009 at 08:09
Ozzy_170 wrote (see)
Well i can honestly say i don't want to give everyone else a bad name as i my first post said my spedo is broken and i've been having hell trying to get a new one. that being said is still no excuse, as i shouldn't have been riding as it is a legal requirement for the speedo to be in 'good working order'. I'll let you know the outcome if i get offered the course instead of points - i really hope i get that. these 3 points put about £60 - £100 on my renewal quote, and as money is tight that hurts alot. (and the same again for the cage insurance). Fingers crossed!

If 3 points are adding £60 - £100 on your insurance then I suggest you change them at the earliest chance - I was done for 71 in a 60 in October and it added absolutley nothing to my renewal - saying that it could be because you already have points?

02/04/2009 at 08:14

nope, no points until these.  this is the first time they caught me.

and i'm glad they didn't catch me on the 'A' road; on that particualr day it would have been a licence looser for sure.

i have found since the OP, some new quotes that actually save me money, so i'm a bit happier now

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