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Is it worth it....can you get a magazine on it...there must be a review about it somewhere and can you book a seat in the comfort zone....

Anyone been there, had experiences of it and also would you recommend it ?

Any tips on how to make it easier on the wallet and also if you can soup it up a bit...

Death is living in a house near you...take time to go visit

Death isn't the handicap it used to be, it doesn't screw your career up like it used to

Adamski has had first hand experience of it, I believe. Some others here may have also experienced it too, I don't know.As an observer though, I'd rather not meet it again for a while, thanks.

After you die, you come back as a hologram like this smeghead:

Are but what if you turn up late.....do you get turned away...come back another time, when you can be more punctual....

It's not all its cracked up to be. I didn't enjoy it. That tube down yer neck doesn't help the ambience of the experience at all.

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